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When visitors come to your property, home, farm, or even school, they will first notice the fence you have placed around the perimeter. It would help if you constructed a boundary distinct from your neighbors. Your property’s curb appeal can be enhanced, security can be provided, your privacy can be increased, and your home will be protected from the elements if you install a fence.

The electric fence systems and high-tensile steel wire we provide are excellent options for delineating safe and secure areas. Give us a call, as we provide installation and maintenance services for them throughout Pakistan.

EF Traders is the most trusted name in the provision of electric fence systems in Pakistan. If you need a new system or a repair service for your electric fence, there is no need to seek further than our company because we provide the best products and services. You have found the most advanced electric fence system that Pakistan seems to offer.

Agricultural fence

EF Traders offers electric fence systems for use on agricultural land and as animal fences across Pakistan. Electric Shocks, in the form of pulses, were applied to the cables to deter burglars and safeguard the animals. EF Traders guarantees they will deliver the greatest electric fence equipment at the best prices.

EF Traders makes every effort to offer products of the highest possible quality at the most competitive prices. We guarantee you will receive a warranty on our electric fence system for agricultural use. Our company will also guarantee that its test reports on the offered stainless steel materials and its supports and services will be available for more than five years.

EF Traders will constantly work to offer the most competitive prices possible, considering relevant circumstances.

Solar fence

Transform that fence into a form of energy!

Solar fencing is a contemporary and unconventional technology that is one of the greatest choices for providing security because it is both effective and efficient. This makes it one of the best solutions available. Solar fencing keeps trespassers off of one’s property and runs on the clean energy provided by the sun, making it an environmentally friendly option. When a person or an animal comes into touch with a solar fence, it will receive a jolt similar to that delivered by an electric fence. However, this jolt will be much more intense. The shock discourages the behavior in question while guaranteeing that no lives are lost.

EF Traders provides solar fences for residential, commercial, and industrial properties as well as agricultural settings. It’s a cheap addition to preexisting rooftop installations, solar carports, and so on, and it’s an intriguing option for private power generation.

Fence accessories

Equip your new or old fence with the best contractor-grade fence accessories. The components of a fence extend well beyond the usual vertical posts and horizontal rails. Add seclusion, shield your yard from the wind and sun, and finish off your fence’s aesthetic from top to bottom with the help of some fence accessories.

We have made great advancements in the structural components that anchor fence and railing posts to the floor throughout the years. Our modernized wood fence hardware now includes round steel chain link posts and various brackets to attach wood 2 x 4 horizontal rails to the posts. There are now steel, aluminum, copper, and PVC options available among our fence post cap, post wrap, and post base trim cover inventory in addition to the traditional wooden options.

As the last point, know that we have everything you’ll need to build your fence to the highest standards.

Fence energizers

The energizer provides the electric current that passes through the fence wires, making them the “heart” of your fence system. There are multiple options for energizing devices, including AC-powered (with a standard 100V plug), DC-powered (using batteries), solar-powered, or hybrid.

Fence Energizers sold by EF Traders are guaranteed to be free of defects in manufacturing and materials. The guarantee covers indirect lightning hits to the fence energizer, but direct strikes are not. We have many high-quality energizers for use in various electric fence configurations, making us your go-to source in Pakistan.

We provide various options to meet your needs and budget, from compact models ideal for short stretches of fencing to strong high-output models suited to long stretches.

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